21 Nov 2013

Importance of regular maintenance of audiovisual systems

It is amazing that so many companies invest huge amounts of money and enormous effort in setting up audiovisual systems for the organisations but often do not think about the proper maintenance of the systems. It is extremely costly to call the experts in to fix the system after the system failures have occurred. Besides risk of loss of data and revenue, you also risk losing customers and clients if your organisation is dependent on these systems.

It is crucial to properly and regularly maintain the system for prevention and early detection of system problems. As they say prevention is better than cure and in the case of audiovisual systems, much more cost-effective as well in the long run, rather then having to repair or replace equipment later. If you do not have the people to do the regular maintenance, there are several companies out there which are specialised in delivering these services and support. However, selecting a company to provide these services can be quite tough.

Here is a simple check-list of requirements:

1. Has been operating for several years. Companies which have been operating for 5 years or more, usually have more experience and less likely to go out of business a year down the line as compared to newer startups.

2. Well qualified staff. Do I even need to explain how important this is.

3. Have a good reputation in the industry.

Spintar in the US, is one such company which ticks all three boxes. This privately owned, full-service audio visual service company has been operating since 1986. All their over 100 support and service staff are manufacturer-trained and industry-certified professionals and the company has been named among the industry's top fifty integrators in the US. Furthermore, even though the company is based in California, they provide services nationwide.

Watch their showroom build time lapse video:

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