26 Nov 2013

Hat with built-in headphones

My beloved Bassbuds earphones has finally reached the end of its life and I was looking for a replacement.

In the meantime, I am using my Senheisers but somehow I don't feel comfortable walking around wearing them. Moreover, as the weather is quite cold, I normally wear a hat and it is really awkward with the huge headphones. Ideally, I would prefer earphones with mics, which I could also use as a hands free kit. 

And I think I might have found the perfect solution - the IHat Music hat. It is a stylish beanie which incorporates removable headphones. 

You can detach the wires if you are not using the headphones.

The speakers 

The hat is really comfortable and the speakers just fit right over my ears. The quality was surprisingly good with very little noise spillage - so you do not annoy your fellow passengers. 

The hat normally costs £19.99 but is now on sale for only £12.99. It would make an ideal Christmas gift. See more affordable stocking fillers from Paramountzone.com

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