10 Nov 2013

Easy to install digital light switch timer

I have been looking for a light timer for quite sometime but all the good existing solutions available on the market would need to be installed by a qualified electrician and their services do not come cheap.

Anyway, I was looking for something much simpler and I was delighted when I came across the Light Switch Timer. It was officially launched early this month and was on display at the Gadget Show Live (1st to 3rd November).

According to the police, installing a light timer is a strong deterrent to burglars. A dark house announces that the occupants are not in and is like an open invitation to burgers and squatters (if for a prolonged period). Programmable light switch timers are thus great for people going off on holidays or getting home late.

Now that Winter is finally here, the days are getting shorter and it is dark by the time we get back from the office. A friend who lives alone normally leaves one of the light on in her house when she gets out of the house in the morning, just to give herself peace of mind when she gets home. However, in these tough economic times and from an environmental perspective, that's not a really good idea and finally had a light timer installed in her house. It's quite complex and she can even turn the lights on using an app on her phone. What's great about the Light Switch Timer is that it fits over your existing light switch and requires no wiring. It is powered by two AA batteries.

Installing it was quite simple and took less than a minute. All I had to do was unscrew the light switch (do not have to fully unscrew), slip in the Light Switch Timer cradle and tighten back the screws.

The timer has an easy to read LCD screen and you can programme it to control 1,2 or 3 gang home light switch. I had to read the instructions a few times to fully understand how to programme the digital timer. You can programme it for all 7 days of the week and make up to 9 programmes a day. There are 3 programming modes,namely, random, pre-programmed and manual. The random mode may be useful when you are on holiday. However, I programmed our switch manually to come on around 5:30pm and switch off at 6:00 am.

I can switch on/off the light manually using the on and off buttons as well, in case you are wondering.
Oh! It tells you the temperature as well.

To buy the Light Switch Timer, go over to their website www.lightswitchtimer.co.uk. It is now available at a special launch price of £27.99 (on-line).

As as a special offer to my readers, buy 2 and save an additional 10% and free postage with the code: Lights-on

Hurry! The promo expires on the 18th November.

Note: The timer can only be used on standard type light switches and not on those with a flat profile, flush or larger size switches.

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