26 Mar 2013

The Vamp

I love new technology that can breathe life into old stuff which we normally consider junk. The Vamp is the perfect example. A Kickstarter project by Paul Cocksedge, this amazing invention allows you to convert any old speaker immediately into a portable bluetooth speaker.

I have the SoundWave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker but my wife is not satisfied with the sound and has decided to get the Jawbone Big Jambox. However, it's not cheap - £259.99 for one. Unfortunately the Vamp is not for sale in the market yet. However, if it does go on sale, it will cost only £35 and you can use it with any old speaker. I wish I had kept the speakers from my old Sony hi-fi which went kaput and ended up in the tip.

When I last checked, Paul has been able get £19,932 pledged out of £35,000 goal with 33 days more to go on the Vamp Kickstarter page.

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