10 Nov 2012

Pebble portable battery pack

It's amazing how our smart phones have become a necessity. Just a couple of years ago I was perfectly happy with a mobile phone but now, not one but 2 smart phones, a Samsung Galaxy II and Nokia Lumia 900, are constantly with me all the time. I actually do not use them much for making calls but rather for reading and replying to emails. I mostly use Skype to keep in touch with my parents in Malaysia and sisters in Australia.

I won't call myself a social media addict but I am on Twitter and Facebook quite often, reading updates, making my own updates and replying to tweets/ comments. Of late, I have started to use Instagram quite a lot and I occasionally listen to music or play games. As ompared to some of my friends, I do not have that many apps downloaded as well. In fact I consider myself quite a moderate user of my mobile phone. Despite this, I find myself having to recharge my phones at least once a day and I really hate it when the battery  runs out when you need it the most and it has happened several times. I guess I am not the only one as my wife who's quite a heavy user of her Samsung Galaxy Note often complains about her phone's battery life as well. 

My sis-in law owns a Pebble battery pack and she was telling us what a life saver it was. My wife did a bit of research and found an amazing deal on Amazon for the Veho VCC-A007-PBP Pebble Portable Battery Pack Charger.



It normally retails for £49.99 but she was able to get it for £20.89 including VAT and free delivery. The Pebble is essentially a portable Polymer Lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can then be used to charge mobile devices. It has a total capacity of 5000mAh Cycle life of over 500 times. The dimensions are just 5.6 cm x 10 cm x 1.3 cm and weights 132g.

Our verdict after using it over 2 weeks: One of our best buys ever. 

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