13 Nov 2012

Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD now in the UK

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD are now shipping in the UK.

The new Kindle Fire HD features an amazing HD display with high speed Wi-Fi and stereo sound Dolby audio. The 16GB version is available from £159.

The popular Kindle Fire is also now available in the UK with a 20% faster processor and twice the memory of the original Kindle Fire, for only £129.

Both devides allow instant access to over 22 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, games, books, and magazines, as well as 1 month free trial of Amazon Prime and a 1-month free trial of LOVEFiLM instant.

Update 19 Nov. 2012:

The Kindle Fire comes with 8 GB internal memory but It does not have any memory card slots or support for USB drives (it's main drawback). However, it comes with free, unlimited Cloud storage.

Read "Three Ways to Expand the Kindle Fire’s Limited Storage Space".


natural gasoline said...

does it have an external memory card slot?

Dilip Mutum said...

No. this is the Fire's main drawback.