11 Aug 2012

Caperfly Ltd debuts at Develop 2012

Mobile gaming is an area I am really interested in and according to Gartner, the applications market is seeing exponential growth driven by the rapid adoption of smartphone and tablet devices, with the market predicted to reach a value of $17.5b by the end of 2012.

You can understand why I am quite excited to help spread the some buzz about Caperfly Ltd, a company based in nearby Lemington Spa, Warwickshire. It recently made its debut at Develop 2012 in Brighton.

This brand new digital entertainment and media application company aims to deliver high quality interactive titles to the iOS, Android and emerging Smart TV platforms. According to Guy Pearce, VP Brand & Marketing, the company intends to bring a new commercial innovation, production quality ethos and design expertise to these platforms.

Gavin (CEO of Caperfly)

Gavin Cheshire, the CEO of Caperfly (and Former VP of Development at Codemasters) : “Mobile is changing how people interact, play games and consume media. Our desire is to make gaming applications that enable new levels of enjoyment for the user.”

Former SEGA® America and Europe CEO Mike Hayes joins the company as a non-Executive Director for the company.

Thanks for the info, Guy.

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