29 Jun 2012

Move over Instagram: Top Photo Apps You're Not Using

Guest post by Emily Green

In the beginning there was Instagram. It has set a pace, there’s no denying it. An app that is dedicated to simplicity is also one that accomplishes photosharing with great efficiency. By engaging in a few simple taps on your Smartphone you can have your photos posted instantly to your social media. But efficient simple ideas can’t help but inspire innovation along the same lines. Consider some of the top photo apps that offer some great advantages along with some competition for old Instagram.


Unlike Instagram, EyeEm is much more than a simple photo sharing app. It is an innovative, out of the box marvel. For starters this app will let you arrange your images by category. No wacky collection of images because the EyeEM comes with a full set of pre-set categories that will cover any and all descriptions.

The more popular categories include:
Black-and-White, Friends, Breakfast, and Self-Portraits. Be adventurous and experiment with the location function and witness the app display of those images taken around you. Manage images for your personal website and then if you’re using T-mobile cell phone plans you can pass images on to some photo sharing website like Snapfish or Mixbook.


Piictu is the soul of simplicity with intuitive operations that allow users to communicate using images alone. It wastes no time with bells and whistles. Since it was designed as a photo sharing app for visual communication and nothing else, it purposely excluded any filters. For the truly creative who want to push their photo taking abilities to the next level, this is the app that will help them accomplish that dream.


Pixable will do the thankless job that can really help you organize your images. It will review all the images you’ve posted to all your social media, whether it’s Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter, and then sort them by date or some other currently popular hashtag. Briefly put, this little beauty will organize all the images you’ve posted to all your social media sites. You can then save your images to completely different categories – “best of the best,” “top shots of the day,” “recent photos,” etc. That boring, time consuming task of organizing is done for you with Pixable.


Okay, Cinemagram is truly cool. It’s not an app that will make a short movie, but it will create some really creative animated images. But how? How does it work? Good question. Here’s what you do, take a few seconds of video, then take your best moments in the form of a few images then engage this app. Soon your images will be a nifty animated gif image. Nice!

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