29 Mar 2012

O2 broadband finally comes through

I take back whatever I said about O2 in the past (read here).

Flashback a couple of weeks:

We had speeds of around 2Mbps and we were thinking of changing providers after staying with O2 since 2009. Then suddenly one fine day we got disconnected for a whole day and when we finally got reconnected, the speeds were at a snails pace - then the service became intermittent going on and off. I complained to the O2 customer service several times, and it seemed to work for a while then the connection would go bad again. I have to say they were really patient and trying out various things  but it didn't seem to work. Finally one day, one of their people called me to say that the problem might be with the line and to connect my line provider (which happens to be BT) to check it out. I had been having crackling noises on the phone for a long time and had assumed that it was normal. Called up BT and their customer service tried their best to help me as well but apparently the line test came out OK. They offered to send their engineers but I would have to pay if there was something wrong.

I had finally made up my mind to shift to Virgin and get rid of both BT and O2 when the O2 people called me up last week to say that they would like to send an engineer to check our line.

The guy came today - he was from the BT outreach service and he found out that there was indeed something wrong with the line. He changed the line and sockets and  I finally have speeds more than 1Mbps. Nowhere near the advertised (Maximum) speeds of 20Mbps but I am not complaining, I am too happy to get connected without getting cut off every few minutes.

19 Mar 2012

Social Bookmarking is The Easiest Way to Advertise Your Website

Guest Post by Kain, who goes by the alias kash2u

After reading the title the first question that may come to your mind is: what exactly is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking refers to the process of saving bookmarks to a web site or web page and tagging them to social bookmarking sites. These sites are popular and convenient ways to store your favourite sites. You can also share your link with friends and send them to search engines. Other users can also easily find your web site via tags on these social bookmarking sites.

These sites are usually free - you can submit your site and can share your links to the others for free. Normally in these social bookmarking sites you can save your link publicly but you have the option of saving these links privately.

You have to be aware that some sites are NoFollow while others are DoFollow. Of course, it's better if you submit your site to the DoFollow social bookmarking sites. So that your bookmark may be crawled quickly by the major search engine. Submitting to NoFollow social bookmarking sites means not that they don't have any value. However, the NoFollow sites might increase your your site's Yahoo backlink score.

Be Creative
There are millions of web pages on the net and visitors will only click your bookmark if it is interesting to them. So make your bookmarking title more interesting - be creative, so that the user are attracted to your bookmarking title.

Social bookmarking allows you to share your link in a professionally way to the other users. Normally, Social bookmarking is the a place where thousands of user can create their personal account to add their bookmarks. It is ideal if the social bookmarking site allows you to insert keywords so that other users can easily find links related to their specified bookmarks.

Laying down roots

Social bookmarking lays down the roots for establishing and promoting the value of your website, article post or video. Users are also able to vote for a bookmark. So the more votes you get for your bookmark, the more valuable it becomes. Thus, Social bookmarking gives a resource credibility. Most of the social bookmarking networks will also highlight those profiles with the highest votes.

Once you register with a social bookmarking site you become a part of that community. You and all other members are there for the same thing for which you signed up. It is essential to develop a close relationship and communicate with the other users.

Fiverr.com is one of the places where you can buy social bookmarking service for only $5. So go over to the site and open a free account. Then buy my Gig 100 manual social bookmarking for $5.

Author Bio:
kash2u is a seller Social bookmarking service provider at Fiverr.com. He provide manual social bookmarking at Fiverr.com for only $5.

9 Mar 2012

The new Apple iPad 3

Updated 10 March 2011: A friend pointed out that the new iPod is not called the iPod 3 - it is simply the "new" iPod.

The "New" iPad 3 is finally here with an amazing display: 2048x1536 resolution, 44 per cent greater colour saturation and 3.1 million pixels — in the same 9.7-inch space.

It also has a 5MP camera with ƒ/2.4 aperture and a five-element lens allows you to take clear photographs and 1080p HD video.

Prices start from £399. Now are you kicking yourself for buying the iPad 2.

Launch of the iPad 3

Official video

6 Mar 2012

SpareOne - the mobile with self

One of the interesting mobile phones to debut at this year's World Mobile Congress at Barcelona is the SpareOne mobile phone . The phone is powered by a single AA battery (based on Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA battery, included with phone) and the manufacturers claim that the phone if unused, will last for 15 years. It also has an amazing talk time of 10 hours.

However, I a not sure whether the phone's talk time will last for 10 hours as claimed after 15 years because no one has left it lying around unused for 15 years.

I am just kidding - this is one amazing invention and you wonder why no one else thought about it before. Of course, the SpareOne is a no frills phone, meaning no touch screen, no internet and no camera. However, it has a built in torch and can automatically transmit it's location, making it a ideal spare phone to keep in in your car or house for use in case of an emergency or natural disasters.

This could be a great phone for use in rural areas and for those who love outdoor activities with limited access to recharging points.

The phone starts shipping this coming March.

1 Mar 2012

The amazing iPad 3 concept

Not sure whether this is a true Apple concept as we all know how secretive they are with their product launches.

Found this video on YouTube of a concept featuring border to border display.