6 Mar 2012

SpareOne - the mobile with self

One of the interesting mobile phones to debut at this year's World Mobile Congress at Barcelona is the SpareOne mobile phone . The phone is powered by a single AA battery (based on Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA battery, included with phone) and the manufacturers claim that the phone if unused, will last for 15 years. It also has an amazing talk time of 10 hours.

However, I a not sure whether the phone's talk time will last for 10 hours as claimed after 15 years because no one has left it lying around unused for 15 years.

I am just kidding - this is one amazing invention and you wonder why no one else thought about it before. Of course, the SpareOne is a no frills phone, meaning no touch screen, no internet and no camera. However, it has a built in torch and can automatically transmit it's location, making it a ideal spare phone to keep in in your car or house for use in case of an emergency or natural disasters.

This could be a great phone for use in rural areas and for those who love outdoor activities with limited access to recharging points.

The phone starts shipping this coming March.

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