22 Feb 2012

Perfect bathroom upgrade for the geek

I was in the bath today morning and looking around I realised that our bathroom is desperately in need of a complete makeover. Looking for inspiration I went to the Ikea website and even though I am a big Ikea fan, there was nothing exciting. Anyway I somehow reached a site and scrolling down the home page the words rechargeable LED mirrors, caught my eye.

I was definitely curious and I found out that these interesting bathroom mirrors from HiB have built in LED lights and require no electrical installation. The mirrors include a rechargeable battery pack which can be easily removed from the side of the mirror and charged with the supplied mains adapter.

I found out that a single charge will give an average battery life of around a month since the mirrors use energy efficient LED bulbs. They are safer and cheaper alternatives to the standard wired-in illuminated mirrors and what a great way to instantly transform the bathroom.

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