13 Feb 2012

Buffalo Drivestation 1Tb

In September 2010 I bought a TOSHIBA Ultra Slim External USB Hard Disk with a huge 500GB storage.
Well, It's taken more than a year but the Toshiba is almost out of memory as well.

Looking around, I came across the Buffalo Drivestation 1Tb USB2 External Hard Disk Drive on Play.com for £79.99 with free delivery.

Yes, I bought it.

Nothing fancy as you can see from the pictures and not that portable either. Furthermore, I need an external power source as well. However, I am not complaining.

I just plugged it in and my PC recognised the drive immediately. So far it has been reliable and file transfers between the Buffalo and my PC is quite fast. Now I want to see how fast it takes to fill up 1 Tetrabyte of storage.

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