8 Mar 2011

When Should You Transition to a Dedicated Server?

Is your website hosted on a shared server?

Were you were getting enough space, bandwidth and security you needed, except when you realized that you need more than what you were getting?

With a dedicated server, not only do you get effective server management, but you also garner speed provisions along with the space and bandwidth improvements. If you’re wondering when you should transition to a dedicated server, here’s what you need to know.

Importance of Having a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server allows you to host your website solely on a given server where no one else can. This is effective for a huge network of websites that require continuous up time without sharing of resources. If you want security and great space provisions, you should consider transferring to a dedicated server.

Here are the advantages that will help you decide whether you really need to transfer your site to a dedicated server:

Growing Websites
If you realized that the traffic you’re getting requires more resource use, then your website or websites are growing. With this in mind, you should consider transferring to a more stable server with more space, especially if you are hosting an e-commerce or a corporate business website. With space provisions present for a more secure server, you may need the transfer.

Sudden High Traffic
With proper marketing techniques, you may experience sudden high traffic for your website. This can be good most of the time, but if your shared server overloads, then you may face some downtime. This can really hurt your visitor inflow, so you should transfer to a dedicated server that can handle these sudden spikes in traffic.

Root Access to Server
Most shared plans seldom allow you tap into their server, especially since it may affect other websites involved. With a dedicated server, you can sustain control over the server since your website or your network will be the only ones present in that specific server. More control means more improvements in server performance. The advantages present in having a dedicated server give you the element of control, capacity and sustainability that will keep your network of websites afloat in the bustling internet.

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