20 Mar 2011

Blogger Adds New Features

Blogger has been quietly adding some new great features. These include some which have been on my wish list since 2007 (Read 'New features in Blogger that we want to see').

New widgets you can add to your Blogger blog include

  • Follow by Email which makes it easy for your readers to follow your blog via email. 
  • Popular Posts which displays a list of popular posts on your blog. 
  • Blog's stats: Just to show off I guess. Not a good idea unless you have a good number of visitor.
The great news is that there are more features on the way. Really makes me feel happy that I stayed on with Blogger rather than jump ship to Wordpress powered blogs.

Anyway, here is a video of What’s New With Blogger.


abhishek said...

Plz tell me how i can add new features to my blog at blogger.com

Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Abhishek, Just go to your blog Dashboard>Design

Then click Add Gadget. The new features will be listed. Just select the one you want to put up.

Tim said...

Cool stuff.

abhishek said...

hi adam thanks for reply...now iam able to add new features on my blog..

Blaine said...

There are so many cool things you can do with blogger. It is amazing what you could do with different features. If they add more features, the blogs will be better than most sites.