19 Oct 2010

Searching for the right search engine optimization services

I have been dabbling in search engine optimisation or SEO as it is popularly known, as a hobby for several years now. I did win a few SEO contests and some offers did come my way. To tell the truth, I have often thought of professionally offering search engine optimization services. However, I never did purely due to the fact that it's simply a hobby for me and if I did take up an offer, I would have had to deliver to my clients. There is a huge difference between an amateur who does it as a hobby and a company with huge resources under their disposal and wide experience. It is also worth looking at a local company. So how do you know whether a company is good?

Just search the companies available in your area by searching on Google for example, if you are in Arizona, say in Phoenix or Scottsdale, search for search engine optimization Phoenix and search engine optimization Scottsdale. If the company is good, they should be on the front page of the Google search results.

That's how I came across SEO company Firstinsearch.com located in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out their video:

Has anybody tried their services? If you have, would love to hear what you think.

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Jim said...

Thanks for sharing information ..nice post man!