24 Oct 2010

Make your own Free passport photos

We are in the process of renewing our visas here in the UK and I had my passport photograph taken at a photobooth at the nearby Tesco. Unfortunately when we showed it to the immigration officer who had come along to the University to check the documents, he rejected my photograph saying that I was too near the camera. I simply couldn't believe it - I took my picture at a photobooth with my wife and her photograph was accepted. Does that mean my head is too big - £5 down the drain.

In the end we decided to take the photograph ourselves at home and use the amazing ePassportPhoto.com site to create my own free and valid passport photo. We had used their service for our kids and their photographs had been approved.

First of all, my wife took several photographs at home with our bedsheet stuck to the wall behind me. We then selected the best looking one and it just took 3 steps to upload onto the site, ensure compliance and then save the image on my computer. I have a photoprinter at home but we didn't want to take chances and had it printed out at the Tesco photo service near our house.

It looks great - much better than the ones taken in the booth and it's fully compliant.

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