30 Aug 2010

The Samsung Galaxy S

A phone I am eagerly waiting to review is the Samsung Galaxy S i9000. The android phone was launched in June in Singapore and is now available in the UK. A version called the Samsung Captivate was launched in the US by AT&T. Another version was launched by Sprint called the Epic 4G which includes 4G connectivity and a slide-out keyboard.

Features include a bright 4 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, a 1 GHz "Hummingbird" processor, a 5 megapixel camera as well as a VGA camera in the front and 16GB internal memory. Weighing only 118g, it is much lighter than other similar smart phones in the market.

It still uses the Android 2.1. However, I heard that an update to Android 2.2 is coming soon.

One software I am really interested in is the ThinkFree Office Mobile which allows you to view and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents.

On the negative side, I have read that the battery life is a bit disappointing. This is something I have experienced with other Samsung phones and it seems they have not learnt the lesson.


Unknown said...

wow thats great

recruitment advertising said...

I really like Android phones - may have to check out the Galaxy S though I have had bad experiences with Samsung phones in the past!