6 Dec 2009

UK Broadband forums

If you are looking for unbiased information on any product, forums are often the best resource. I am in the process of setting up a wired home broadband network and O2, my broadband provider, doesn't tell me much on how to go about setting up the router and other stuff. Even though I have some experience setting up a local area network (LAN), there were some problems getting the new router to work. Tried Googling it and I found some forums discussing similar problems about UK broadband service providers.

In one of the forums, I contacted one of the guys and he was really helpful. He actually emailed me listing down the step-by-step procedure to set up the broadband connection. Since then I have been joining and contributing to various forums and sharing my experiences, as well as queries about problems that crop up and it has been a fairly good experience.

Right now I am going through the UK broadband forum, which discusses various UK broadband providers. The forum seems to be fairly new and when I last checked, they just had only 141 members. There were a few queries about some of the UK broadband providers I was previously with and as far as I can tell from the members' comments, they still haven't improved. I definitely wanted to contribute my two pence worth and decided to join in. Registering on the forum was a breeze and took me a couple of minutes. Best of all, I could start posting straight away.

For those who are interested, the forum also discusses mobile broadband providers in the UK as well.

Also check out the Think Broadband forums and Digital Spy forums as well. The later focusses on broadband internet services from BT, Virgin Media and Sky..

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