13 Sept 2009

White noise machines

When I initially heard about white noise machines, the first thing that came to mind was the horror movie "White noise" where a guy tries to contact his dead wife from beyond the grave.

Anyway, I later learnt that White noise sound machines are special devices that produce specific type of sounds that help to mask unpleasant noises. I was intrigued as I learnt that there are numerous forms of white noise machines in the market for different purposes. Apparently the most popular are the sleep-aid sound machines for colicky babies. As a dad of two kids I know how parents can suffer when the kids can't go to sleep. The sound is similar to wind blowing through trees or a rushing waterfall. My wife told me that it sounds like air coming in through a moving car window. Found a range of sounds machines at sleepwellbaby.com, some in the guise of soft toys.

These are not only for kids but may be effective for adults who have trouble falling to sleep. Besides insomniacs, installing a white noise machine in offices is said to improve productivity.

Do check out the wide range of high quality products for sleep, wellness and relaxation on the Sleepwellbaby website.


www.girish for you.com said...

This is an interesting one, if it helps the insomniacs too.The demands of work and life and the inability to balance the two has created a huge no. of insomniacs as I can gauge from my clinic and it can be of great help to all these people who are popping up pills everyday and gradually becoming dependent on it.

white noise machine said...

I have one from Brookstone. It has 11 different sounds. It was around $100 but it was totally worth it.