4 Aug 2009

O2 broadband review

Some of you may recall my previous post about moving from TalkTalk to the O2 broadband service. We finally got reconnected to the net at home via the O2 broadband connection on the 17th of last month.We had signed up for the standard package which promises download speeds of "upto" mbps.

As you can see from the two broadband speed test results, it is nowhere near the promised speed.

On Broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk

On Speedtest.net

The different tests show quite different results for both download and upload speeds even though they were just taken one after the other.

On the bright side, both test results indicate that O2 broadband is definitely faster than TalkTalk. The connection has been good with no drops so far. Had some minor problems connecting wireless to my PC in our study but is OK now after I changed the settings on the router.

So far so good and I would definitely recommend O2 broadband even though we have to pay slightly more than we had to for the TalkTalk connection.

First Commentator:


t_volts said...

so sad...

preston web design said...

those are quite good results, I used to be with 02 and was lucky to get 1mbps most days. Now got a virgin line in the house :-) wonderful 8mbps yay!

t_volts said...

You'll have to report that to the company bro...

Dilip Mutum said...

t_volts: I will be calling them soon.

Preston... We decided on O2 after reading the consumer reviews. Should have got Virgin instead. Now it's too late.

Pnoy said...

Good that you're contented with your connection, you seem to have second thoughts now. You should've posted first so you can get clues from preston ^_^.

Anyway, Thanks bro for your comment on my blog. It seems I missed looking at the navigation bar, got my address bar back now. I am used to IE, that's why :)