20 Jun 2009

The new iPhone 3G S

The latest verion of the iPhone went on sale yesterday. This is the third version featuring a totally new operating system. It comes with a faster processor, bigger memory and improved camera (3 megapixel ) as well.

In July last year, I had listed the Apple iPhone 3G shortcomings. They have clearly listened to their customers and the new phone now has a cut and paste capability. It also allows users to send MMS and take videos with the phone as well. It's quite funny because I have been doing these with my mobiles for ages.

The iPhone can now be used as a modem as well by connect it to your laptop using a USB cable or bluetooth. Again something that I have been doing for quite sometime. Read my old post 'Using the 3 Skypephone as a modem'.

Anyway, the truly innovative feature is the Compass app which comes inbuilt and I am wondering who's going to use it.


Lover Boy said...

That definitely looks amazing there. iPhones have indeed become part of our lives. Living in this day and age, trying these gadgets would mean having a more comfy and fun life after all.

Thanks for sharing!

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for your comments. Totally agree, I love trying out new gadgets.

CyberPartyGal said...


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