24 Jun 2009

Extreme rugged laptops

My wife left her Fujitsu laptop unattended a couple of days ago. I saw my my son playing with it and carried him off before he could do any damage - or so I thought. My wife later discovered that Windows wouldn't load up and there was an error warning on the screen.

I noticed that there was some moisture between the keys - it was either milk or my son's saliva. After shutting off the laptop immediately, I took some tissue and cleaned up as best as I could. Left it to dry for a couple of hours and after a small prayer, put in back on.

Was really happy when the old familiar Windows XP symbol came up (Yes! it's a 3 year old laptop). However, my joy didn't last long. My wife soon discovered that several of the keys didn't work any more. I haven't had time to open it up and see if the damage is permanent and got shocked when I saw the cost of replacing the keyboard. I am just hoping that a nice thorough clean up will do the job and save me a lot of money.

Anyway, this really made me envy those who have laptops with spill proof keyboards and I will make it a requirement next time I buy a laptop. Going through the net I came across some of the reviews about Panasonic's famous Toughbook laptops. The Forbes team has taken testing to the limits by using a CF-30 as a dart board, giving it to a tiger to chew on and later to an elephant who threw it around. They finally use it for target practise by shooting it with a Ruger Mark III .22 pistol.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-30

The most amazing thing is after all the torture that the laptop booted up and they could still access the test file on it. Read the report here "The Tiger-Resistant Laptop".

I want one.


cinema bioskop said...

How is your wife Fujitsu Laptop ? Can the laptop use again or buy the new one ?

Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Irfan, You are the first to comment on my post. The laptop is working but we still have problems with the keyboard. I might have to replace it.

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Anonymous said...

i hate the comment above me... anyway..

I suggest you should wait for the release of the next toughbooks. Toughbooks are primarily used in military for their heavy duty work, and yes they are design first by the military. If you figured it out this tough book has been released because the military are using a much greater form of toughbook. If the military have developed a new one they'll be ready to release the technology that they are using right now..

Italian Person said...

That is all kinds of awesome. Even though I don't regularly come into contact with elephants or other laptop dangers, I want one.

gurgle said...

Blimey, my laptop cries if I tilt it away from being level! Then again having said that, for all its faults it's still always been salvagable. I'm not sure I need a tiger proof computer but a baby proof one might be useful...

Nino Natividad said...

Thanks for the tip. :)

Nino Natividad

lunaticg said...

I am thinking about buying this kindda laptop once but looking a that expensive price stop me from buying.
Thank you for sharing and see you around.