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I have had a number of people interested in setting up their own blog come to me for advise. Most want to have a commercial blog with their own domain names. Then the question of web host comes up. This is where I have trouble recommending any suitable host. Most of my blogs are hosted with Blogger and I am not even sure whether the hosts I am presently using are offering me the best value for money but I am stuck with them because of various reasons.

A search on Google for web host will give you thousands of results and it can be really confusing with everyone claiming to be the best. There are a few Web hosting review and rating sites. They usually list the top 10 Web Hosts and are often given some kind of star rating with the best given 5 stars rating. I think that the best review sites are those based on ratings provided by real users and not just the experts on the site. I especially recommend those sites where you can read reviews and ratings given by other independent users, (similar to that on the Amazon site) which gives you a better idea and allows you to make a better informed choice.


bokjae said…
Waaah! you must be known as some kind of 'guru' leh! Good!
Devakishor said…
I am surprised that there was no mention of some of the best hosting solutions like Mediatemple, Rackspace, Slicehost, Amazon Cloud hosting, et al.

Most of the solutions mentioned on Webhostinggeeks are suitable only for small blogs with not much traffic. Once they outgrow shared hosting, they have to move to dedicated/grid/cloud hosting.
good said…
cool story bro
Dilip Mutum said…
Bokjae: No lah. I am still learning and finding out new things everyday as well but I am happy to share what little I know.

Devakishor: Totally agree with you on that.

Good: Thanks for dropping by.
apo said…
Thank you for this advice. There are some good ones on that list.

By the way I like to use blogger.com for my blogs too. But the name thing stays a problem.
Single Russian Lady said…
Thanks for the post. I`m running a blog myself and I want to reach out a new level by getting a good domain name. I hope this info you have provided will be helpful for me to fulfil what I want. I`ve been looking for the solutions already but I was not as succeseful as I want.
tukang nggame said…
this is very very nice post about web hosting..:)
cyn said…
There's many web hosting out there with various offers. The one I am familiar with is the hostgator.com. I am sure many of u are familiar with this. Difference between hostgator paid hosting n blogger, wordpress etc which is free is in future when yr blog becomes a celebrity like Adam's blog now people may want to buy his blog n if Adam is keen , u cannot sell yr blog because it does not belong to u. Unlike, when u host with hostgator or others, the blog is yrs n u can do anything with it.It belongs to Blogger. If u dont plan to sell it in future, then blogger is perfectly fine to use.


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