11 Apr 2009

Bye Project Wonderful

Some of my loyal readers have asked me why I don't have the Project Wonderful ads on my blog any more.

Well, a few days back I received emails from them telling me that my ad boxes on two of my blogs including Adamok.net, have been deleted.

According to them: "During a routine review of our publishers, this ad box was found to be violating our Terms of Service and/or failing to meet our publisher standards, and was therefore removed from our network."

Emailed them back and found out that the reason they deleted my account was because my blogs carried sponsored posts. When I pointed out that this blog had not carried any sponsored posts for ages, they referred to my disclosure policy which states that I'll accept paid reviews on my blog.

They refunded my left over funds ($0.44) and that's the end of it.

Reviewing the performance of the Project Wonderful ads, I have to say it was quite disappointing and it is not a case of sour grapes. The total revenue from the ads on my blogs was negligible. I also tried advertising on a couple of blogs but the result was quite disappointing and this made me think twice before investing more advertising money with them.

Makes me wonder whether the real reason they removed me was due to the fact that I was not a good customer - not spending enough.

Have any of you guys tried Project Wonderful out? Would love to hear your views.

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|1f34|-|1r3 said...

i quit project wonderful not a while ago..the reason is the widget is too heavy..quit after i got my first USD10..haha

sadly, i love how project wonderful works..i like the concept of their advertising...too bad for both of us i guess

Dilip Mutum said...

I put back the money I earned into advertising on other sites. However, the traffic was nothing to shout about. Yeah. Too bad.