4 Mar 2009

Minor blog redesign

I am not sure whether you have noticed but I made some minor layout and design changes to my blog yesterday.

Based on the comments of some reviewers, I resized the logo so that's it is smaller (they thought it was way too big) and moving around the widgets on the right hand side bar so it looks tidy. For example, the keyword tags are now at the bottom of the page.

There were some widgets which I thought was useful - like the translation and links to my social networks. However, my reviewers didn't agree. I have also created a contacts page which is apparently very important and moved the links to my social networks over there.

Gone also are some of the affiliate buttons - they were taking up precious real estate on my side bar but were not bringing me in anything.

So what do you think?


FaKE said...

yeah adam..this desing look simpler..you are good at designing template..can u help me with my template? check it and give your suggestion on what to be modified. and

2) i want to know on widget at the sidebar. i mean some of the widget at your sidebar take the full width but toward the below you can place two widgets beside each other.how do you do that?

Dilip Mutum said...

Please look at my template: http://eplusa.blogspot.com/

Eddie Garcia said...

I believe you did a great job cleaning things up. It is much neater and easier to read or just scan. I think it is good that you are willing to pay attention to your readers input. Have a super evening my friend!

Eddie Garcia

Leo2050 said...

Thats a great template design adam. It looks neat unlike what i do at my blogs and beginner sites