Posting our blog feed on Facebook

Blogger firdaus zahari a.k.a FaKE left me a request. He wanted to know how to put up our blog feed on Facebook.

It's really easy.

1. Open the Notes application on Facebook

2. Take a look at the bottom of the right hand side bar between the Facebook ads and the notes from your friends.

3. Click Edit import settings » under Notes Settings.

4. Enter the url of your website of feed/RSS in the space provided.

5. Click 'Start Importing' and you are done.


FaKE said…
thanks adam, however i can't find my import setting on my facebook.lucky for me,you give the link in your post, it's really help..thanks! do visit my blog again.. =)
Anonymous said…
did it before, but i took it out for some reason. will add it back soon.
Dilip Mutum said…
Firdaus: No problem. Adding you to my blogroll.
Anonymous said…
Nice tutorial friend. Now I have the idea how to promote my blogs to my online friends without sending message to each of them.


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