1 Dec 2008

Kodak C913 - Cheapest 9 MP digital camera

I have been looking for a good yet affordable camera to replace my old Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9. I love my Panasonic camera but something is wrong with the LCD screen - it went dead and I simply can't see the pictures I am taking.

I would have loved to buy a good digital SLR but budgetary constraints meant I had to stick to one below £100. So I did a survey of various websites including Currys, PC World, Misco, Amazon and Argos. I was set on buying the Nikon Coolpix L18 when i came across the Kodak C913 in Argos. I couldn't believe it. At only £49.99, it was the cheapest 9MP camera in the market (at that time). Just checked and found that it is presently selling at £59.99 on the Argos site. That's still cheaper than other comparable cameras.


This entry level camera has 9.2 MP effective pixels with 3X optical zoom lens and 5X digital zoom.

It's a bit thicker than my old Lumix (probably due to the fact that it uses 2 AA batteries but I found it to be lighter. I like the fact that the camera comes with 16 MB internal memory. The LCD display is slightly smaller at 2.4". The camera is fairly simple to use and I didn't even have to read the manual. A close of my kids inside the house came out quite well. They were moving a lot but the built in digital stabilisation seems to have done the trick.


I read somewhere that the camera is splash proof but I am not going to test that particular feature out.


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call it a Photo Quality. It's so crystal clear.Wow!!What an amazing Camera.

Zero said...

I agree Jill, anything that can take pictures of that quality must be great. And I agree, definitely don't splash it, although it's nice to know you have some supposed protection in the case that happens accidentally.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the quality of the photo speaks for itself. Congratulations, you just invested in a good camera!