20 Mar 2008

Facebook problems on Firefox

Not sure whether any of you are facing the same problem but I am unable to create albums or upload pictures on Facebook using the Firefox browser. I am able to take the pictures and make comments but whenever I try to create an album, it will just hang.

However, I have no such problems using Microsoft Internet Explorer. As I use Firefox most of the time, this can be quite annoying.

Anyone facing the same problem?


Found the cause of the problem. Apparently, to use the full-featured photo uploader on Firefox on Microsoft Vista, you must have the latest version of the Java plug-in. Versions of Java older than 1.6.0_07 will cause Firefox to freeze (info provided by Facebook). Alternatively you can use the simple uploader, which works just as well..


Bluepaintred said...

is your firefox up to date? I was in face book yesterday and uploaded a new album and added pictures to an already existing one with no problems.

I do keep getting hung up while playing parking wars, though...

Dilip Mutum said...

That leaves me even more confused. I am using the latest version of Firefox ( Will check whether it's due to my firewall.

Anonymous said...

I feel Opera the best browser for facebook. Try that one.

Anonymous said...

I regularly use facebook with mozila.I haven't face any problem.

Anonymous said...

I use facebook on Firefox regulary with no problems at all. Is your browser up todate?

Anonymous said...


I never had problems with it :)
How is it now? Have you updated your firefox?

Perhaps you should try reinstalling if it still having the same problem :)