28 Mar 2008

Adsense optimisation guidelines

The latest post on the official Adsense blog -"Another look at optimizations" mentions two guidelines for optimising your site for Adsense, namely:

1. Ads shouldn't be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.


2. Ads should be easily distinguishable from surrounding content.

I have noticed a lot of web sites and blogs openly flouting these guidelines. Their intention is clear - to make it look like the ads are their own created content and thus increasing the click through rates.

On my blogs, the ads are either after each post and/ or on the side bar and visitors can clearly make out that they are ads.

I am wondering whether Google is going those sites that flout the guidelines. Will they be penalised in anyway?


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Anonymous said...

I read on seomoz that Google is punishing those sites by diminishing the value of the link.

Kind of like google assuming that the link is rel="nofollow" even when it isn't.

Anonymous said...

I think that the new updates in the Google Adwords / Google Adsense program is useful and correct. I am a Google Certified Advertising Professional and deliver both SEO, (søkemotoroptimalisering), PPC, SEM, Viral marketing, Link baiting, conversion analyzes and so on, and think that the changes will make positive experiences.


Anonymous said...

Very very thanks.

Keyamoni said...

It is really nice to have the information but is it good enough for the new publisher????

Anonymous said...

Yeah. This way the payment can go to those who really have a real audience instead of those fake traffic/clicks.

Anonymous said...

Google allows you to customise the Adwords ads - in terms of positioning and colours - so it's a bit rich of them to penalize you for making it fit into your site!

If they want Adwords to obviously be ads, they should just standardise the formatting.