12 Jan 2008

About Abt Electronics

It's amazing the amount of technology that goes into appliances we use everyday. I didn't even understand what fuzzy logic means until I read it on our waching machine. Searching it on the net, I learnt that by Fuzzy Logic, it means that our waching machine has some advanced electronic stuff that monitors and makes the necessary adjustments automaticlly during the wash.

Talking about washing machine, check out the wide range of washing machines from brands like Whirlpool, Bosch and Frigidaire among others on the Abt Electronics site.

The company has a long history. It was set up in 1936 in Chicago and has grown to become one of the largest single-store operations in the US. They started selling online with the launch of AbtElectronics.com in 1998. Their online site carries high-end electronics products of almost every well known brand names. They are reputed to have one of the best services and pricing policies around.

Go and have a look.

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