4 Dec 2007

Unique gift for Christmas

Christmas is just 21 days away and if you are like the majority of the population, you are probably still wondering what to get for your loved ones this time. I talked to a few people and it was not surprising that the top on the list for ladies were perfumes and gadgets for guys.

Why not get them something unique, something that will be treasured?

I am referring to putting photos on canvas. 'Paint Your Life' is a company that specialises in painting portraits from your photographs. The photographs can be of your favourite pet, wedding portraits, baby pictures or even a landscape. Unlike other companies, these pictures are hand painted by real artists and not computer generated.

It's amazingly simple. You just upload a digital copy of the photo that you want painted. You then choose the style and media type (oil, charcoal, watercolour, etc) and the size. You then make a 20% advance payment and that's it.

You can even preview the painting before receiving it, so that if you are not satisfied, they will make the necessary changes to the painting. Do check the site for the prices and turn around time as they vary on the type of medium and size of the picture.

That's Kelly, one of their satisfied customers.

Will definitely make a treasured gift.


Bookwormz said...

I received a comment on my blog that it is forbidden to post sponsored posts like PPP in Wordpress. Is it true?


Anonymous said...

yes. You can't carry sponsored posts on blogs hosted with wordpress.com. However, if you have a Wordpress powered blog hosted on your own server, then you have nothing to worry about.