14 Sept 2007

Rate and share with Ratergators

Ratergators is another online social community where you get to rate and share practically anything and everything with friends. You also get to meet a lot of like minded people and share ideas.

They call ratergators.com a consensus engine, which means that once you have signed up, you can rate different products and services including books, movies, music, TV shows, etc. and create your own social network circle based on interest.

Creating an account (for FREE) is really easy and your user ID becomes part of your own page on the site. For example, my user ID is seoexpert and my page url is www.ratergators.com/seoexpert

To add a new review,
  • click "+ Add New Item".
  • Add the Title, Tags and add a description of the item.
  • You then choose a category with the option of creating a new one if the suitable category is not available.
  • You can also add a media file along with your review.
  • Finally rate your and add a comment and save.
Once you are done, invite your friends to rate the item.

You can also embed your ratings via a widget on any website or blog.

So far I have done only one review. Looking forward to doing more reviews and see what other people think of them as well.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh hey that's a neat site. Looks like it could be seriously addictive too!

Thanks for posting about it. Am going to sign up now!