12 Sept 2007

Is Google going to get rid of page rank?

At first I thought it was impossible but after going through all the rumours on various blogs as well as discussion groups, I am seriously wondering whether Google is actually getting rid of the page rank (PR) system. Read Goodbye Google PageRank? and Rumors about Google doing away with Pagerank?.

Doing away with page rank would be a serious blow to various companies specialising in customer generated advertising. This includes PayPerPost, Review Me, Sponsored reviews and a host of others, as they all use PR as a means of ranking blogs that are registered with them. The higher the PR of your blog, the more higher paying opportunities you get.

If that ever happens - I mean In the absence of Google PR, I guess they would have to come up with alternative ways to rank blogs. Despite criticisms about it's accuracy, Alexa is already used by several companies and might become the default blog ranking system.

Another option is of course, the Technorati blog authority, the blog search engine or in their words,
the recognized authority on what's happening on the World Live Web.
View blog authority

The hugely popular, The Truth Laid Bear ecosystem may be another option. Said to be the "definitive weblog ranking system". According to their website,
TTLB receives an average of 1,535 visits and 3,846 page views per day.

Can you think of other blog ranking services?


Anonymous said...

I hope they don't get rid of it. Being a new blog I was kinda looking forward to see how mines does in time. I am however lost as to how to get mine out there in the first place.

Collin www.yourworldgallery.com

Anonymous said...

I´m sure we will keep the PR system. Maybe there will me some modifications in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...well I hope they don't get rid of it, like Collin said above, I have some relatively new sites that I've been working on and I at least want to see the green bar, even just once, before they kill it.

That said, I can't picture them actually doing it.

Anonymous said...

Alexa and Technorati rankings are both meaningless, they are too easy to manipulate.
The pagerank update is just delayed. Perhaps Google finally got around to implementing algorithms that devalue comment and forum links, and penalize paid links.

Anonymous said...

PR is already of no use since Google does not place your site at the same level for all keywords as it used to do in the previous PR regime. Also if you check the PR for each individual page it would be different and most users don't land on your home page or root folder...

Anonymous said...

I just realized this post is a bit old, but it's still relevant as Google still uses page rank. Webmasters are paying less and less attention to PR these days. The only purpose for it is for buying and selling sites. I guess it's still good for that, but I really don't see any other purpose for it.