2 Sept 2007

No 1 Tip to make money online - act like a millionaire

Every day I browse through the blogs of the so called Dot Com Moguls, looking for tips on how to further improve my blog and of course new ways of making money (or cari duit in Bahasa Malaysia) through blogging. Famous blogger John Chow once wrote about the requirements to be a dot com mogul.

However he failed to mention one very important point. To be a Dot Com Mogul, you must act like one. You must show that you make loads of money from your online activities. That you are about to become the next Internet millionaire.

If you don't believe me, just go though the blogs of some of the A-list bloggers starting from Darren Rowse, the Problogger himself. I guess the reason is very simple: Nobody wants to listen to whining from a loser.

Even if you are struggling to make a dollar a day from your blog, don't write "only earned a lousy dollar today". Instead reword it to "Yeah! Made some money. I am going to be the next net millionaire".

There is nothing wrong in marketing yourself but just don't go overboard and start making false claims like, "I made $400 this month from Google adsense", when you actually only made $4. People are not stupid and it won't be long before a blogger writes a disparaging post about you.

Another useful tip from the Dot Net Mogul.


Anonymous said...

Great point, the power of belief can be astounding, especially mixed with a positive attitude.

Darren Rowse said...

I think that it's partly positive thinking which helps you - but it also creates a positive feeling on a blog that 'infects' others and gives a little inspiration for them.

Of course you want to mix that with a little humility and transparency - no one likes someone who constantly big notes themselves and who hypes things up too much.

Anonymous said...

Spanish Joe: Totally agree with that.

Darren Rowse: Wow! The Problogger himself commented on my blog. Thanks for dropping by. Guys he's the GURU.