29 Sept 2007

List of companies that pay you to blog

Updated: 3 Oct. 2007

These are the companies that pay you to write sponsored posts on YOUR blog. Thus, I have not added About.com, Helium.com or Squidoo.com.

Despite what the critics have to say, sponsored posts are here to stay. I guess in the end, the companies that will survive will be the ones, able to attract the big companies to advertise with them (with big bucks of course) and able to keep their bloggers happy at the same time. A tough balancing act to keep up.

PayPerPost.com is clearly the market leader right now. However, I am wondering, whether it was also the earliest pioneer to introduce this form of blog advertising?


Anonymous said...

I have joined LoudLaunch and Pay u2 Blog but they have been disappointing so far. No opportunities from these 2 programs.

How's your experience with them?

Anonymous said...

Not that many opportunities from LoudLaunch and I am not interested in those available - usually about health products, travel sites or drug rehabs.

A lot of opps in Pay U2 blog. The problem is that I don't have much time to blog right now as I am quite busy with my research and work.

Anonymous said...

Thjose type of company's seem to be the target for bloggers to get into though as it allows us to make some money while we grow our sites. A much needed tool in the stay at home market we are trying to get into.

Anonymous said...

cool list! Ill just refer and to make some money!