8 Sept 2007

Command over English crucial for business

An American friend was recounting his encounters with some British clients: "I think they were speaking English but I could hardly understand what they were saying". We all laughed but it's not surprising because even though they all speak English here, there are so many English slangs and British colloquialisms that are unique to each place.

In the highly competitive world of business, good communication and command over language is extremely important. And we have to face that fact that English, is the International language of business. For example, when Malaysians and Japanese businessmen come together to work out a deal, the language they use to communicate is English. A good command over the English language is absolutely essential.

It might be wrong to assume that people in English speaking countries have excellent communication and written skills. Even here in the UK, I was looking through the work of some students at a local University and their papers were full of grammatical and spelling errors.

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