21 Aug 2007

What the Thoof?

Not sure about you but I have been hearing a lot of Thoof recently. It is a new online user generated service that carries personalized news and information. It's a great site and quite addictive. There is an unending stream of interesting links as you scroll down the front page.

Something that really intrigued me was their name. I looked up their FAQ but they didn't carry how they came up with the name nor what it means. I couldn't find the meaning anywhere apart from few other bloggers who have come up with some possible meanings.

"Probably they created it out of two words." Maybe 'Tho + Of'. Tho is an old English word that may mean:
  1. (conj.) Though.
  2. (def. art.) The.
  3. (pron. pl.) Those.
  4. (adv.) Then.
None of those go with "of", however. On the other hand, if Tho is the short form of "Thoughts", it does makes sense - 'Thoughts of', after all the entire site is based what you and me think.

Thoof also recently added a new feature - the ThoofRank Badge, which when added to your blog or webpage can show it's level of popularity to readers with common interests. For example, take a look at the ThoofRank badge here. Shows that there is a high level of interest from readers.

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