16 Aug 2007

Updating to New Blogger

I finally updated my blog ah ok lah to the new Blogger. Even though I had moved to new Blogger like the rest of the World, I still retained the classic template because 1) It was fast, 2) I couldn't find a new template I liked and 3) I was too lazy.

As mentioned in my post Do follow ah ok lah, I finally found a template I liked, which was modified and tweaked to my heart's content. It looks like my old template but with all the bells, whistles as well as hidden gears. The only drawback is that it loads a few seconds slower.

I know! You are probably asking, "what's the point if the blog still looks the same?"

Well! I have several valid reasons. My motivation to update was not to change the look but rather to take advantage of the features provided by new Blogger and to overcome some drawbacks of using the classic Blogger template.

1. It was impossible to remove the nofollow tags from the comments section if using the classic template.
2. I couldn't put up Text link ads even though my blog had been approved.
3. The introduction of new features like ability to put up polls and videos.
4. The numerous hacks available, some of which I have mentioned in my post - New features in Blogger that we want to see.
5. The ability to drag widgets around on the layout.
6. The ability to change entire look - fonts, backgrounds, etc. just by a few clicks.

If you haven't updated, you should.


Anonymous said...

You look like you know more about this than I do - are you saying classic blogger simply couldn't be adjusted so as to offer the dofollow option for commenters anywhere on the blog? I know the comments section remains nofollow but comments appear in two places, don't they? I don't blog myself - don't have hours enough in the day - so I'm not as familiar as I might be with the medium.


Dilip Mutum said...

seo bb: I am sure there is a solution but so far I couldn't find any on the web. It is much easier on the new Blogger where we just have to delete 'rel=nofollow' from the comments section.