5 Jul 2007

Track your car via GPS

In Malaysia, I was once approached by a salesman who wanted to sell me an car alarm system. My car had the original factory installed security system and I refused because I thought it was good enough. However, I was intrigued when he claimed that he could open my car in less than a minute. As I had nothing to lose, I agreed. And I was left with my mouth open as he not only opened the car without the alarm going off, he also opened the car boot and the bonnet and started the car as well in less than a minute. I was really impressed with the demonstration that I agreed to have my car security upgraded. It was costly but it was worth it or so I thought.

One year later, I was again approached by another guy at another place. He claimed that he could open my car even with the new security system installed. I gave him a chance and he did.

I didn't upgrade and even though I never had my car stolen, to tell the truth I was always scared that it would.

However, there is a solution - thieves can steal you car but they can't hide when you have a car tracker installed.

There are several type of these high tech GPS tracking devices that can be hidden in your vehicle and used to track their location. They can be distinguished into two main types, namely Past track and Real-Time. The former gives in depth information such as where the vehicle went, where it stopped and how fast it was driven. On the other hand, real time vehicle tracking device as the name suggest, displays the exact current location of your vehicle at any time. Besides tracking stolen cars, these devices can also be used for fleet tracking.

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