7 Jul 2007

Malaysians crossing the $10K mark in PayPerPost

Malaysians are doing quite well in PayPerPost. First was Emily who goes by the online name of Cyberpartygal and has a blog with the same name - Cyberpartygal. She crossed the $10,000 earnings mark on Jun 23, 2007. Next on the list is Chan Lilian, who is better known as 5XMom. I thought she had already crossed the mark yesterday but found out that she is just $81 short of reaching it (when I last checked).

Another lady fast reaching the same is Amy. The PPP dashboard shows that she has earned
$7,766.35 so far (as of writing this).

A few things I noted:
1. All of them are ladies
2. All of them have multiple blogs. For example Amy has got 8 blogs.
3. They are highly productive, writing several posts a day.
4. They are highly creative and have a way with words, especially Lilian.

I too am following in their footsteps and hope to cross the $10K earnings mark on PPP soon myself.


5xmom.com said...

Actually, I am a little bit confused with the amount 'cos it is not including referral fees on the top earner board. But on my dashboard (the one with the pic) it is over a long time already. So I claimed to crossed. But now, I am short of just a wee bit more. Thanks for the mention and the post in my new blog! Cheers to making money! We are all learning the ropes fast, don't we, SEO expert? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the mention! The private dashboard will include earnings from referrals and PPP Direct but the public leaderboard only shows earnings from writing opps.

Cg ~

Anonymous said...

5xmom and Cyberpartygal: You are welcome. I am definitely following in your footsteps.