26 Jun 2007

Online certification courses

I was looking through the ads in the local newspapers and I noticed that there were a lot of IT jobs available. I already did a certificate course on E-commerce in Malaysia but I am seriously considering of getting a Microsoft or Cisco certification. The reason being that that what most of jobs being advertised require.

However, I wouldn't want to sit for an exam only to fail it. Though there are a number of institutes offering training courses around here, I don't have to time to attend classes. PrepLogic's online certification training courses are something that I might take up. They provide a number of different courses for the IT community right from A+ certification, Cisco Certification Training or MCSE Certification training.

Besides the fact that they are online, I like Preplogic's training courses because they are fast and cheap. They always have the lowest price on discount VUE exam vouchers and Promteric exam vouchers. Best of all, they are offering a money-back, Pass Guarantee. This means that they will refund the money if we don't pass the exams.

If you are looking for an online certification training course, you might want to take a look at PrepLogic.

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