26 Jun 2007

HongKiat's blog hacked

Just visited Malaysian blogger, Hong Kiat's blog and I got this:

Looks like his site has been hacked.

At time like this I am thankful that I am hosted on Blogger.I don't lose sleep at night wondering whether someone will deface my site or worse still, delete it all together.


BenSpark said...

I am now nervous a bit about getting my site hacked, that would absolutely suck. I wanted to also say thanks for participating and voting in my Soda-Club contest. I got this link from Autumn Blue.

I am sponsoring a brand new contest starting in July. It will be on my blog The BenSpark and the contest is open to anyone, no matter where they live. I hope that you can participate.

Dilip Mutum said...

All my blogs are hosted with Blogger so I am not that worried but you never know and I am not taking any chances.