22 Jun 2007

Improved online event registration software

I have helped organise a few big events in the past, including an international conference. The last event was the biggest I had been involved in. Though we had a online registration ability put in the conference website, it was a simple solution where by information put in by the registrants were sent to the e-mail folder of one of the committee members. We had to hire an assistant just to put all the data in a database - names, organisation, payment method and so on.

All this could have been a breeze had I known about some of the great event registration software available in the market. This gives us the opportunity to focus on other areas of managing the event.

Feature I would look for would include the ability for the organizers of the event to find out details like how many completed the form, the time it took them and if they left without completing, at what position in the registration process they left and much more.

This would help us to further refine the form if we see that a large number of people are leaving without completing the registration process at a certain point in the form. We would also know where the people are coming from and how registrants are finding our registration form, we can see if we are targeting the right people. Thus enabling us to make the necessary changes to the form if we have to.

I cannot emphasize the importance of web-analytics as I have often used the statistical data about my visitors to further improve my blog. For example, now I am aware that visitors come from all around the World, I try not to be so Malaysia-centric but I still carry posts about Malaysian issues and events because at least 40% of my visitors are Malaysians.

Updated: 18 Sept. 2013

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