24 Jun 2007

Email protection

A large number of companies prefer to have their own on-premise email servers, as they believe that this gives them more control and for security reasons as well. However, this comes with a price - huge investments as compared to hosting outside, the need for constant monitoring , requirement to have a tech personal to look after the systems. One of my former colleagues at an NGO I used to work for, was that tech person. He told me that spam was a really serious problem.

Initially I had thought that spam was just an irritation until he told me that they do take up bandwidth and they contribute to the total bandwidth usage (and hence extra costs) of the company. However, there are other more dangerous threats such as email attacks and phishing e-mails that can sometimes be quite hard to detect.

If you are running an in-house email server, you might want to look at Concentric's Perimeter Email Protection (PEP), which provides complete email security and anti spam services for businesses hosting their own on-premise email servers.

As the name suggests, this complete email security solution filters and authenticate incoming email outside your email infrastructure. It blocks spam, viruses, directory harvesting, denial-of-service attacks, fraud, phishing schemes, and other attacks from reaching your corporate email server. This can reduce email load and spam by up to 90% and more.

It also doesn't matter what mail server you are using, as you don't have to purchase, download or install any software nor worry about updating them. All the hard work is taken up by their patented server cluster. If you are interested, do check out their site for more information.

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