24 Jun 2007

Cari duit - make money

Don't know why but recently I have been receiving a lot of spam mail from Malaysians. Titles of some of emails that I have received:
- Cari duit meaning 'find / make money' in Bahasa Malaysia,
- NAK DUIT BANYAK???? HARI-HARI BACA E-MAIL DAPAT DUIT. 'Do you want (to earn) a lot of money? Earn money by reading emails everyday'. As if I have nothing better to do.
- berSADAQAH sambil menjana kebebasan KEWANGAN anda. 'Multiply your income while doing charitable work'. Somehow, that doesn't sound right.

Those are just three examples.

I have somehow become the target of Malaysian marketers (spammers) who seem to think that I am interested in dubious multilevel marketing schemes. FYI, I hate these pyramid schemes that make money by duping people - mostly by signing up new recruits, who in turn get other unsuspecting people to sign up and so on.

It also seemed like a lot of Malaysian blogs have gone "Cari Duit" crazy. A lot of people seem to be blogging about making money. I only learnt later that there was a new keyword contest organised by the Malaysian WangCyber forum.

I won the previous SEO contest organised by them, for the keywords "Melayu boleh". However, this time I am not joining in.

Would be interesting to see how far this post goes up for those key words.

> 22-07-07: I am #4 today.
> 18-07-07: Yeah! I am on the front results page and now #6.
> 07-07-07: I am #2 on the 17th results page in Google for the terms "cari duit".



merapuman said...

let see how far can we go ok. :)

Anonymous said...


Bluetoz said...

Hi... nice blog... main-main donk ke tempatku dan kasih komen... soalnya aku baru coba2 di internet

Anonymous said...

hi cool.lets make money cari duit.

Anonymous said...

Well, spam is a different case although you can make money on the internet easily, the post's pretty funny though!