10 Mar 2007

Comparison of customer generated advertising companies

I am only going to compare 3 of the services I currently use.

i) PayPerPost: They have the maximum number of advertisers and thus loads of opportunities. Also have the biggest payout. Sometimes upto $1000/. Payperpost also has a referral programme in place. Blogs with a non-writing period of 30+ days in the past 90 days are not eligible to register. Blogs with zero or low PR may have limited opportunities. They also have a very lively community of loyal "posties". I have two of my blogs registered with them with another on the way.

ii) Loudlaunch: Very few opportunities. I have taken a few. However, the fact that most of them require word count of 150 and above with payouts of only $5 has put me off this service.

iii) Creamaid: Like Loudlaunch, very few opportunities. However, I like the fact that you don't have to register your blog with them and can thus post on any including those with zero PR, including this blog. Most opportunities also don't specify a word count. Payouts quite low but a few exceptions like the last opportunity I took ($20).

The clear winner is definitely PayPerPost.


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