15 Mar 2007

Are you a Link Nazi

Found this great article "Don’t Be a Link Nazi" while blog hopping.

Cameron says that the widespread belief that your website PR is lowered if you link to other people is simply a myth.

Someone commented that I have too many links on my blogroll on my ah ok lah blog. I follow a win-win policy - link back to anyone who links to me. I also link to people who don't link to me but I still find interesting.

Don't be selfish. Link out.



Anonymous said...

You mention you found this link while blog hopping -- just out of curiosity, was it my blog where you found this link?

Dilip Mutum said...

No I don't think so. It was some other blog but I can't recall it. I notice that I wrote about it a few days earlier.

Dilip Mutum said...

Your post was very detailed and interesting though.

Anonymous said...

duh, didn't check the date on your entry LOL - just thought it would be ironic if your source about not linking was my blog and then you didn't link to it -- hence the query!

Anonymous said...

Interesting article you linked to. Thanks for the additional perspective.