27 Jun 2016

Armaggeddon Molotov-5 mobile gaming headset reviewed

Updated: 12/05/2017

Singapore based gaming gadget brand Armaggeddon recently launched the Molotov-5 headset. I was delighted to get the opportunity to review a set. See my unboxing post here.

I have been trying it out for a couple of days now and I have I have to say, I am quite impressed.

This headset is compatible with both Android and iPhones and has been clearly designed with the mobile gamer in mind - with strong durable braided nylon cables (1.5m long) protecting the inner wires. The cables are among the most vulnerable parts of a headsets/ earphones and it feels like they have done a great job with the Molotov-5. The headphones can be folded up as well making it easy to carry in your jacket pocket when not in use.

Regarding the audio quality, the Molotov-5 delivers great audio performance with rich bass, surprisingly generated by only 2 40mm audio drivers (Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz, Impedence: 320, Sensitivity: 103+- 3Db). It was a bit worried that they would project sound outwards (a problem with the Logitech headphones I normally use) but according to my wife, they were OK.

As for comfort, the headphones are not that chunky and quite light. They don’t clamp down too hard on my ears, unlike a few other affordable headsets I have tried so far. The earpads are comfortable and provide good soundproofing. I was surprised that the headphones did a better job of keeping out external noise as compared to my old Sennheiser HD 558 headphones which covers my ears completely.

Sennheiser HD 558

I love the fact that it comes with an in-line microphone (Frequency response-75Hz-20KHz, Sensitivity:-42+-4dB) with push-to-talk button and not sticking out in front of your face.

Also included with the headsets is an audio splitter so that I can use them with my PC and laptop. It is perfect for my Smule and Skype video conferencing sessions - not necessarily what the guys at Armaggeddon had in mind when they designed the headset. I did not have to raise my voice and could talk normally and according to people I talked to, my voice was clear with no distortions.

The Molotov-5 comes in three different striking colour variations with exciting names - Scarlet Soviets (Red, Alpine Allies (Blue) and Armaggeddon (Yellow). I got the yellow one which is not necessarily my favourite colour and does attract a bit of attention because it stands out from far.

What would I have liked different - not much actually apart from maybe a volume knob, removable cables and maybe bluetooth. Yeah! maybe I am a bit too demanding

I have to admit, I have come to really like the Molotov-5 headset and would recommend it for all audiophiles on the go (not just gamers). It retails for only RM 69.90  on Lazada RM99.90 , which is amazing value for the price. One of the best-sounding headphones in its price range.

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