28 Dec 2015

Lenovo Vibe P1m unboxing and a rant

Warning: Rant ahead.
My wife is a huge Lenovo fan and when her Lenovo P70 screen got cracked recently, she went out and bought herself the same model from the nearby Digital Mall in Section 14, PJ. She also decided to get new Vibe P1m for me and her dad.

Of course I was delighted as I was sick of my old Samsung Note whose battery always let me down when I most needed it.

The sticker price on the Vibe P1m was RM749 but the store gave it to her for RM675 for each phone. Sounds like a great bargain, doesn't it? Unfortunately it isn't. You can get the same phone on the popular online store Lazada for only RM585. Imagine my anger when I read on the Lenovo Facebook page that customers were supposed to get a free gift for each phone as well. They gave my wife a lousy power bank. Well I left a comment on their Facebook post and also sent them a message as well:

"Just want to report: My wife bought 2 Vibe P1m and 1 P70 (3 mobile phones in total) today from Digital mall in PJ. Much costlier than on Lazada (only as opposed to the RM675 she paid for each phone) and received only one gift - a power bank. Quite unhappy."

No reply so far. I went to their Facebook page and discovered that they had deleted my comment as well.

Great phones, lousy customer service.

Anyway, the Non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery is as advertised. I love the battery life on the phone - it lasts me at least for 2 days even with the wifi left on all the time and with me on social media constantly and charges extremely fast as well. Another great feature is the active noise cancellation mic which allows my voice to be heard clearly even in noisy places. Apparently it has a splash proof nano coating which is good news as my Xiaomi was ruined after my son gave it a bath. However, I am not in a hurry to test out the Lenovo claims.

The only feature that is disappointing is the camera - the pictures leaves a lot to be desired and my Xiaomi mi4i gave better results. The photographs taken by the main 8 MP camera is OK for bright sunshine but quite bad in low lighting conditions.

Here is the unboxing video:

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