22 Sept 2014

Nokia N900 Cracked

I have been looking forward to upgrading my mobile phone for a while but have been putting it off for the simple reason that my old Nokia N900 was still doing a great job. It has survived several falls and tumbles and even an dip in the bath. However, soon after we moved back to Malaysia, it slipped off my hands and fell flat on it's face. The result:

This is my second phone with a cracked screen. I still have a Samsung Galaxy Note with a cracked screen. This proves that these phones with super tough screens will still break (Check out the various new iPhone 6 drop tests on YouTube) when they fall face down and phone cover designers need to somehow keep this in mind. They should somehow incorporate designs which prevent the phones from falling flat on their screens. Ayyway, I have learnt my lesson and will invest on thick covers with screen protectors next time though it will be a pain to answer and make calls every time.

Fortunately, in the meantime I still have my old trusty Samsung Galaxy S2. It still works perfectly but I need to get a new micro SD card so I can load up all the apps I use regularly.

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